Dr Mohamed Soliman: Mindset and The Mind Body Connection for Decisions, Clarity and Transformation

Dr Mohamed Soliman – physician (with a special interest in psychiatry), researcher and life coach – will be advising us on mindset and the mind-body connection and how we can use this to change our work environment, improve leadership skills and transform the way we do things.

We will be discussing:

  • What mindset and the mind-body connection really are and what the positives and negatives can be.
  • How the link between these can help our emotional state and energy as well as physical fitness.
  • Using this connection to improve our professional lives – particularly with decision making and gaining clarity on projects.
  • How leaders can change the whole workplace environment for the better by having the right mindset.
  • Using mindset and the mind-body connection in our whole life to make us more resilient and increase our positive focus and objectivity.

More about my guest, Mohamed:

“I am a physician and international coach federation certified life coach. My coaching clients are entrepreneur s with learning disabilities or behavioral health problems and want to gain confidence, resilience and reach their envisioned career.

My passion for coaching started when I was in high school reading personal development and psychology books, a passion that continued throughout my life. An innate curiosity led me to a long research career, where I pursued my doctoral work in genetics under the direct supervision of a Nobel prize candidate. During my research years, I had observed bright minds struggling with – and lost to – behavioral health challenges. Losing one of my research advisors to depression was a life-changing event. Combined with my longitudinal interest in psychology, I became curious about the mind-brain-body connection and decided to switch careers to become a psychiatrist.

I did my medical training and MBA at Cornell University, and my psychiatry sub internship at Yale and Harvard Medical School.”

International Coach Federation – Certified Leadership & Career Coach MD (Cornell). 📈MBA (Cornell). 🔬Ph.D. Genetics (University of Toronto).

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