Marie Hale: Resilience, courage, motivation - How we can use our strengths to move forwards positively

Marie Hale – CEO of @Revenue marketing and sales agency and Fwd Revolution – is a real fighter not only for us as women as well as other causes but also on a personal level. She embodies courage and resilience and is going to share her experience on this difficult topic with us today.

We will be discussing:

  • Whether courage and resilience come naturally and how to keep going when totally drained and wanting to throw in the towel.
  • Surviving tragic personal loss (and cancer) and what you can do to help yourself get through, where you can find your strength to keep going.
  • How we can support others, helping them find their strengths and build their courage and power to withstand what life can sometimes throw at us.
  • How to be there and support someone in a more valuable better way.

More about my guest, Marie:

Marie Hale has revolutionized business marketing and sales with her agency @revenue, in her private consulting practice Lipstic Logic and in speaking arenas for over 20 years. Now she and her team have their sights set on their next revolution: replacing the broken systems and culture of inequity that caused the feminine recession. fwd@revolution is an organization like no other, offering flexible work schedules, educational support systems and the community talented women in marketing need to thrive.

Between 2017 and 2018, Marie lost her life and business partner and her best friend. As she had to find the strength over and over again to reassemble her life, she felt deeply that what she had been through had a bigger purpose. When the pandemic hit and the pressures of remote schooling and the feminine recession started closing in, Marie snapped and within 3 days she had the plan to burn it all to the ground and build something better. With her 20 years of experience running multi-national teams, her heart for big vision with powerful operational structures and her hard-won resilience, Marie is ready to lead the charge for women, working parents and everyone else working themselves into the ground to survive.

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