Monique Blokzyl: Public Speaking - Use Your Voice For Career and Business Growth

Public speaking is something that many of us find nerve-wracking, to say the least. However, it is a skill that can make an enormous difference to advocate a cause or simply to help our career or business. Monique Blokzyl – award winning international speaker, business growth mentor and author – explains how!

We will be discussing:

  • How we can develop our persona or presence to be able to speak powerfully and movingly but still showing the real person behind the speech.
  • What we can do to best use public speaking to promote our ideas and businesses and have maximum impact.
  • How we can boost our visibility and find interesting speaking opportunities when we aren’t yet established speakers.

More about Monique:

Monique Blokzyl is an award-winning international speaker and business mentor for visionary entrepreneurs who want to boost their visibility, scale their businesses and impact the world. Combining her passion for business with her love for speaking, she helps visionaries use their voice as a golden key to success. Her mantra is Speak up. Scale up. Impact the World!

She has helped hundreds of clients from 50+ countries double, triple, and even quadruple their income with her Voice to Millions framework, even during the pandemic.

Monique has won the Public Speaking Toastmasters competition twice on the European level and has shared stages with top entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk and political leaders including former US foreign minister John Kerry, first European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, and many others. As a member of the Evolutionary Business Council, The Network for Transformational Leaders, and the Global Speaker Federation, she has built a powerful network that reaches millions. Monique has received many awards such as the ‘Exceptional Woman of Excellence’ Award from the Women Economic Forum, and she has been featured in BRAINZ, BUSINESSWORLD, Netcoo, Feminess, and more.

You can find Monique online at or on a leisurely walk around Hannover, Germany, where she lives with her angel husband.

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