Mark Bernard: Sales Success and High Performance Goals with Holistic Values

Mark Bernard –  sales trainer, corporate mindset profits coach, speaker and author – will be giving us tips and pointers on how to achieve sales success and high performance goals while keeping holistic values so we have less negative stress and can optimise our experience and enjoyment  while doing so. Basically how to make it less pressure and more fun while still getting the results!

We will be discussing:

  • ‘He who wants it less, wins’ – the origin of this holistic value and how it works.
  • What companies, leaders and sales managers can do to achieve top results while maintaining a supportive and positive environment among their teams.
  • How we can adapt and innovate so we can set high performance and ambitious career goals but have enough balance to enjoy time for ourselves to live life and have fun.
  • Systems, types of training and strategies for successful results and professional excellence.
  • Selling holistically – the better way of achieving results and the customers vision from behind the sales pitch.

More about Mark:

Mark Bernard founded Bernard Training Solutions International, a sales company sparked to kindle relationships and ignite confidence among the sales leaders of tomorrow. Mark is absolutely committed to motivating this next generation of CEO’s, VP of Sales, Regional Managers, and sales professionals to explode sales and explode profits.

As a renowned Business to Business Mindset Profits Coach, Sales Trainer and Sales Coach, Mark helps entrepreneurs achieve sales success through his six week Kickstart Your Revenue How to Sell to Corporations signature program and his “Achieving Sales Success” Coaching Programs. As a premier speaker, Mark engages Coaches, entrepreneurs, and small business leaders to “make their mark” on the world.

To contact Mark or learn more about his services:

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Your skills, your goals, your success!
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