Linda Ledwige: Finding the calm in the storm! Changing stress from negative to positive

Stress is a topic that seems to be everywhere now and taking increasing prominence as a negative in our environment, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Linda Ledwidge, a holistic wellness expert, and I talk about this and how we can channel the negative to positive and better manage our daily (and professional) lives.

We will cover:

  • The science as well as the practical way of viewing stress, what it really is and scientifically how it affects us.
  • How we can take stress, use it and channel it in a positive way to help us rather than hinder us.
  • Whether stress affects everyone in the same way or if different people have different reactions, and also some of the solutions available towards a positive outcome.
  • What else we can do to help find what works best for us so that we live happier, better managed, more realistic and healthier lives.

More about Linda:

Linda is passionate about helping people lead happy, healthy lives by finding what works for them. Glaswegian by birth she has lived on the island of Mallorca since 1996. After training as a general nurse in Glasgow in the 1980s, Linda trained and specialised in midwifery. “I live in awe of the conception of life, process of labour, and the miracle of childbirth.”

In 2004, Linda’s doctors diagnosed her with a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia and for 6 years she lived in a drugged haze. In and out of hospital, she even had brain surgery. When the doctors told her that there was no cure and nothing else they could do to help her pain, she decided that there had to be another way … and the journey began. Using the free flo living process she developed, Linda became drug and pain-free.

If you ask Linda what she does, she will tell you, “I help people feel good…’s that simple”

Her mission is: “To change the world for one person at a time.”

Her purpose: “Your inspiration and empowerment.”

Her passion: “To hear you smile.”

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