Kay Newton: Choosing with Confidence... How do we know if, or when, our choices are right

Changes are often difficult to make, but even before that, how do we know when something needs to change. When we have options and decisions to take, which are right, are we sure, how do we know…

It is a great pleasure to be with Kay Newton today – and to talk about making choices and choosing with confidence!

Kay, a midlife strategist, award-winning speaker and author, shares her expertise and strategies about how we can do this and how we know if we are making the right decision!

We will be discussing:

  • How do we know if we need to change something.
  • When we have several options what can we do to make a choice that is suited to us.
  • What we can do to increase our confidence regarding making choices.
  • Once our choice is made, later on what can we do to objectively analyse our progress.
  • How do we know if our choices are right!

More about Kay:

Kay’s loves to inspire people around the world to live midlife on their terms, full of fun and vigour. 

As a Midlife Strategist and author, Kay is passionate about simplicity. She loves to create and hold space where an individual or group can master their own purpose in life. No magic, weird stuff, pills or potions, just plain practical down to earth, ‘Spade-a-Spade’ Yorkshire common-sense toward change. 

‘We all have daily stresses to deal with. Having a safe haven and permission to explore new possibilities, to alter your future life course does not have to be complicated, time consuming nor painful.’ 

If she is not beach-combing for plastic or walking the Mallorcan mountains, Kay loves to constantly expand her own horizons, which in turn she shares with others. She has practised Tai-Chi for over ten years, loves her family ferociously and adores creating yummy nutritional food for whoever happens to be at the table.

You can find Kay at www.KayNewton.com

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