Mariela Dabbah: Leadership Development, Projecting Our Presence and Our Changing Priorities

What has changed recently regarding women’s leadership development, our changing priorities and how we appear and want to appear? How can we project our presence and show what direction we want to take as well as making the choices that fit with our own goals.

It is great to have Mariela Dabbah back on the show. Her great experience and dynamic impact on women’s career opportunities and leadership are always inspiring and make her a truly wonderful role model.

We are discussing: 

  • Progress in women’s leadership, discrimination and what has been happening recently.
  • Differences in the field of leadership development and new trends over the last 2 or 3 years.
  • How women are rethinking their priorities and what this means in terms of jobs and relationships.
  • The impact remote working has on projecting leadership presence and signalling being ready to take on the next challenge.
  • Whether the change in priorities and experience of remote working has changed people’s aims regarding holistic success compared to material success/best title or position.

More about Mariela:

As a Professional Success Instigator, Mariela helps Fortune 500 companies increase engagement of multicultural women employees and solidify their credentials as inclusion champions. Clients include: Walmart, Microsoft, Novartis, Honeywell, MetLife, P&G, Sodexo, Sanofi & others.

In 2015 “People en Español” included her on list of “25 Most Powerful Women.”

TEDx and International Speaker, presenter to Fortune 500, professional org. (SHRM, The Conference Board, Hispanic Retail 360) universities (Harvard, Princeton, Columbia) & large non-profits (Vital Voices, LULAC)

Award-Winning Author of 7 best-selling books on education, career development & success. Find Your Inner Red Shoes (Penguin 2013) launched the RSM.

Media Contributor and frequent guest on CNN, Univision, Telemundo, Yahoo, & many other networks.

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