Julie Schladitz: Happiness Revisited - Its place, form and impact on all aspects of our lives

Is happiness a science? Is it the holy grail? What does it really mean and include… What should, and can, we hope for to give ourselves and those around us a happier future?

Today, it is a great pleasure to speak to Julie Schladitz, business and career coach, international HR consultant who previously worked for Gucci, INSEAD and International Olympic Comittee. We are going to be discussing happiness – the holy grail for so many of us…

We will be discussing:

  • The holy grail – a misnomer? Clarity on what happiness really is scientifically as well as our general non-specific idea of it – and how this impacts us both mentally and physically.
  • Whether happiness equates to wellbeing, the differences and how to combine for best effect.
  • Pursuing happiness at all costs – is this the ideal or is there a more balanced and realistic objective to aim for.
  • How we can apply all this positively to our career, particularly in view of the changes brought about by the pandemic, when so many of us are reassessing our lives (and jobs).
  • What companies can take on board and in what way – how much is our own responsibility.
  • Creating our own checklist to have a better vision and reactions…

More about Julie:

Julie was educated in the UK and obtained a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology from the University of London. She is a trained business and career coach and has held senior HR management positions within companies such as the Gucci Group where she was actively involved in operations in Europe, North America and Asia. In addition to her corporate experience, she has worked in international organizations such as the European business school INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, and the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Julie offers career management services to individuals and companies looking for specialist assistance in the areas of career coaching and wellbeing at work as well as providing HR consulting services to companies on a project basis.

In recent years, her passion for wellbeing and the effect of workplace stress on mental health has driven her to discover more about the benefits of happiness in our lives. Her journey of exploration has taken her through the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and even dementia. This research has inspired her to create the “Happiness Revisited” programme, which supports individuals seeking a more balanced and fulfilling life.

She speaks fluent English, French and German and is currently based in Switzerland.

  • Website Julie: www.sc-careertransition.com
  • YouTube video on Happiness Revisited: HAPPINESS REVISITED – YouTube
  • TedTalk: Why Doctors Should Care About Happiness | Sarah Pressman | TEDxUCIrvine – YouTube
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