Tulia Lopes: Building Confidence through Effective Communication

Tulia Lopes is my guest today, with some very valuable and helpful strategies and ideas about communicating effectively and building our own confidence about this and in ourselves by doing so.

We will be discussing:

  • How our way of communicating affects how we appear to others and what we can achieve in business.
  • What we can do to improve our communication style and how we need to adapt this depending on culture and context.
  • Specific communication skills to develop and use when in situations where we need to break through barriers and/or build bridges.
  • The impact communicating effectively can have on what we do and how we can use this skill to boost our own confidence and mindset.

More about Tulia:

Tulia Lopes is a Communication Architect! She believes communication is the key to develop and excel in any field in life. She helps professionals, especially women, to de-construct their ineffective communication style and build one which exudes confidence and is fully aligned with their authentic talents.

In her own words, she helps her clients to “break barriers and build bridges” by developing effective communication skills.

In 2014 she founded the AWE Summit event to Give Voice to Women; and in 2017 she founded the Speak Up & Lead Academy – to help women to develop the communication skills needed to raise their profile, make them more promotable and position themselves as experts in their fields, and become world-class speakers.

Her Brave, Bold & Brilliant podcast features amazing women who took brave and bold actions in order to become brilliant.

Tulia is the author of Leading in High Heels, and an international speaker on topics of confidence, communication, leadership, diversity, and inclusion, and women’s impact. She is also an awardwinning speaker at European level at Toastmasters International, and at the WinTrade 2018 event in London for the continuous work in supporting women to find, own and unleash their voices.

Her motto, “I’m a creator. If I don’t find a door, I build one.”

  • Website: www.tulialopes.com
  • Podcast: https://anchor.fm/tulia-lopes
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