Thomas Clement-Bollee: Transforming Organisations by making training more active, adaptive and fun

What if our jobs could be easier, simpler and more productive? What if the way of achieving that was also fun and interesting and not just boring theory!

It is a great pleasure to welcome Thomas Clement-Bollée, COO of VeryUP, an innovative and ground-breaking digital training organisation, to the show today.

Thomas shares his expertise in innovative training and the difference it can make, which he understands particularly well due to his previous experience from a career as a high level manager in consultancy firms.

We will be discussing:

  • How training can help make our jobs be easier, simpler and more productive but can have different reactions among employers, especially when looking at the ‘standard’ (and boring) types of training usually offered.
  • How more progressive organisations are constantly looking for ways to help their employees and to help them be more productive with less pressure and a more positive environment.
  • How this can change our performance and productivity as well as enjoyment of worklife.
  • The practicality of making training active, adaptive, individual and fun.
  • The differences this gives in the results. What both the organisations and the people doing the training think of this approach.

More about Thomas:

Thomas Clement-Bollée explains more about his current work and previous career:

“After more than 10 years working as Consultant Black Belt Lean Management (mainly focused on Lean Management and Digital Transformation projects), I am now COO at Very Up which reinvents BtoB Learning with technical and pedagogical innovations. We create for our clients tailor made and blended learning experiences.

Member of the executive committee, I am in charge of the BU dedicated to the design and production of innovative learning paths.

My missions include:

  • manage the managers of the team
  • define a long term strategy and implement it operationally
  • be aware of innovations in order to improve the value we bring to our clients
  • secure the client satisfaction by a good level of service
  • accompany the strong growth of the team
  • formalize the processes and ensure continuous improvement
  • ensure the well being of the team and drive all the HR activities”.


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