Sarah Daninthe: Sports disciplines for Success in Business, Women in Tech and Start Ups

Today we are very lucky to be speaking to Sarah Daninthe, an olympic medallist and double world champion (fencing) turned product manager in consulting.

We are discussing:

  • The benefits of sports disciplines in business and companies’ appreciation of this.
  • Athletes changing careers into business, particularly women.
  • Becoming a product manager and what it entails.
  • How to develop your speaking career.
  • Associations and the training and inspiration they can give young people and societies.
  • How charities can help, particularly how they can give the support and courage to let people, particularly children, dream and evolve.

More about Sarah:

Sarah is an Olympic medalist and double world champion in epee.

She is in charge of the sports department of the NGO for peace, Freedom Butterflies, as well as being on the board of the association Premiers de Cordee, which changes the way people look at disability and changes the daily life of hospitalized children, in particular by bringing sportsmen and women to their bedside or by practicing sports with them in the hospital.

Moving from sports to business Sarah is now a Product Manager in a consulting firm and a speaker for startups and large groups.

She is in the process of creating an online school for young women in the digital industry.

You can find Sarah on social media and the associations we talked about here:

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