Helena Wilton: Holistic Wellbeing Tech, Corporate Incentives and Yoga, Ayurveda and the Blue Zones!

A very interesting discussion with Helena Wilton, a sales professional at YuLife one of London’s fastest growing start-ups and also a yoga and wellbeing coach to businesses and individuals with classes, events and retreats all over the world.

We are discussing:

  • The tech side of holistic wellbeing for corporate and how it can be incorprated into wellbeing models.
  • How real holistic wellbeing and success – so all aspects being included, health, financial, social, mental, environmental, purpose driven and relationships – has grown and increased in appreciation over the last few years and its direction for the future.
  • The benefits and important aspects of Ayurveda and the Blue Zones and how we can apply them for good in our lifestyle.
  • How healthy active longevity for ‘old’ people can be just as advantageous and improve the lifestyle of young people too!

More about Helena:

Helena is a sales professional of over 10 years, working at YuLife, one of London’s fastest growing start-ups. However, simultaneously she shares her passions of yoga and wellbeing with individuals and businesses via in person classes, virtual events and yoga retreats all over the world.

Helena manages the ongoing challenges of juggling the two sides of her career but what makes this possible is her ten years of studying into holistic wellbeing; the framework she believes is what we all need to understand a little more about in order to thrive….

Holistic wellbeing is still a relatively new piece of terminology for how we look after our wellbeing and Helena is on a mission to make this term mainstream. Holistic wellbeing models show us that eating broccoli and doing pilates isn’t the answer to perfect wellbeing, but we instead need to consider all aspects of our wellbeing in tandem; (financial, social, mental, environmental, purpose driven, relationships etc) and recognising where imbalances may lie and using strategies to reduce these gaps.

Therefore, in order to show up as our best selves we need to fill up our cups in a variety of ways and this looks different for everyone. Helena’s goal is to make my learnings of ancient yogic wisdom, her studies in lifestyle medicine and learnings from Ayurveda and the Blue Zones applicable so you can improve your lives in the areas you wish to most.

Finally, the most important thing she talks about is ”make sure you’re scheduling in time for fun everyday!”

Find Helena here – and don’t miss her wellbeing tips on LI most days!

  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/helenawilton/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenawilton/?hl=en
  • Website: https://www.helenawiltonyoga.com/
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