Corine Hines: Positive and Inspiring Leadership and How that Makes a Difference

Leadership can come in many colours and leadership styles even more so – positive inspiring leadership which goes beyond the bottomline can have distinct advantages to both leader and employees. Human growth leadership, something to emulate!

Corine Hines, Director of Visibly Different is my guest today, talking to us about being a positive and inspiring leader and making a difference personally and collectively.

We will be discussing:

  • Different styles of leadership and the advantages to both leader and employees when there is a more positivie and inspirational style of leadership which encourages human growth.
  • How leaders can develop more sustainable habits and transform the work environment to match this.
  • The challenges for leaders when trying to transform to a different environment or way of thinking/working and how they can inspire their teams and employees to move forward to a more positive and holistic mindset.
  • What strategies can be put in place to help the whole workforce develop and gorw, creating sustainable behaviour change and so improve the overal wellbeing of everyone.
  • For managers aiming to become leaders, what they can do to take the first steps along this path and become ready to step up into a higher role.

More about Corine:  

Corine Hines has spent the last ten years standing shoulder to shoulder with a variety of leaders as they surprise themselves with the impact they can really have – in their work, with their teams, at home, and beyond. They often want a more sustainable business, a more self-sufficient team, and more productive daily habits, but they don’t expect their family’s gratitude for how much they do actually change. 

Corine is an EMCC Senior Practitioner coach and Team Coach and an accredited Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach.  She is serious about her subject, but feel her clients learn best when challenged by curiosity, experiments, and a dose of laughter.

You can find Corine here:

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