Pat Duckworth: Supporting Menopause in the Workplace

Pat Duckworth (Multi Award Winner Menopause – Workplace Menopause Expert – International Speaker and Trainer – #1 Bestselling Author) is here to speak to us about the impact of Menopause in the Workplace, how we can manage it and what companies and leaders/managers can do to improve the vision and support given.

We will be discussing:

  • New developments on menopause over the last few years.
  • The effect menopause has on productivity for both men and women and the positive impact for employers when they address this and take supportive action.
  • How workplaces are helping support menopause.
  • Increasing global awareness on this issue and which countries are more advanced at this – guess what the UK is the leader!
  • What we can do ourselves to improve our menopause experience.

More about Pat:

Pat Duckworth is a Women’s Wellbeing Strategist, Author and International Public Speaker. After over 30 years working in the public and voluntary sector at a Senior Management Level, Pat discovered her entrepreneurial mojo and retrained as a therapist and coach. She specialises in menopause and advises employers who are committed to supporting people in the workplace at this transitional stage of life.

Pat has published five books including the Award-winning ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions: How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques.’ Her latest book, ‘Menopause: Mind the Gap – the value of supporting women’s health in the workplace’ was published in January 2021 and has been highly acclaimed.

Pat is a sought-after speaker who has made presentations in many countries including USA, India, Denmark, Spain and The Netherlands. She makes the subject of menopause accessible and provides practical advice for women leading busy, modern lives.

How to connect with Pat:

  • The weekly Hot Women Rock Radio Show: Empowering Women Leaders at Menopause
  • For information about menopause and how to manage the symptoms
  • Free first chapter of Menopause; Mind the Gap
  • Join the Smarter Menopause Facebook Group
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