Lawrence Smith: Being more Productive - Wellness and Wellbeing

It is a great pleasure to be speaking to Lawrence Smith today and hearing about the changes of culture (USA to Finland is already quite a jump) and from pro athlete to VP in tech…

Particularly interesting is the management of pressure, (both mental and physical), performance, productivity and positivity and the similarities and differences in these in sport and in business and workplaces.

We will be discussing:

  • The challenges of managing pressure and the importance of staying productive and positive. The tactics used as an athlete that can transfer to the workplace.
  • Digitizing healthcare, from adult and elderly, to mental health, to child and youth care – and how digitizing the inclusion of workplace wellness as a key benefit.
  • The vision of people and organisations, private sector, public sector and their interest in wellbeing and wellness nowadays.
  • Solutions to workplace issues – from better physical health to stress reduction, more engagement, team spirit and office culture and creativity… let’s not forget fun too!
  • The strength of the Nordic countries in the good aspects of work, health, positivity, care of our fellow beings and true quality of life.

More about Lawrence:

Lawrence Smith is USA Manager for Oy Raisoft Ltd, VP of Smart|Break.

“Originally from Charleston SC, and moved to Finland to follow my dream of playing professional soccer. After a long career , I have found a new passion by providing a cloud based wellness solution for offices large and small. The key is to build movement variety into the normal workday through smart activity breaks”. 

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