Beth Budd Bandler: Women on Boards and the Route to the Top

Beth Budd Bandler is talking to us today about the challenges and successes of women in the boardroom and the route to getting a place there.

From her extensive experience working in what are considered ‘traditionally male’ industries like aerospace, diamond mining as well as luxury retail working for international corporations, she has in depth knowledge of the many aspects needed to succeed in the corporate world and help guide business, and support the workforce, in the right direction at the top.

We will be discussing:

  • Why boardrooms still tend to be male-dominated.
  • Different types of board positions available and suitability to certain backgrounds or experience.
  • Women’s view, vision and actions on boardroom issues and any differences to men’s.
  • Routes for women to gain a seat on the board.

More about Beth:

Beth Budd Bandler is an Independent Corporate Director at Magellan Aerospace Corporation – Member of Governance and Nominating Committee: Chair of Environmental and Health & Safety Committee. Instrumental in updating governance policies and processes.

Previously she was Corporate Director and Corporate Secretary for BeaconEye Inc, and Hawker Siddeley Canada Inc.

Earlier in her career Beth was Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Harry Winston Diamond Corporation.

In the Arts: Beth is Director, Chair of Nominating and Governance Committee, member of Finance Committee for the Hamilton Fringe Festival and a Producer of Canadian Plays.


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