Stephanie Green: Women in STEM and Gender Diversity from Childhood onwards

Today’s guest is Stephanie Green, a wonderfully talented artist, activist and entrepreneur.

We will be discussing:

  • The evolution of women in STEM and inspiring the next generation.
  • The progress being created regarding gender equality starting with children’s educational resources and illustrations such as maths and science tools.
  • The taboo topics of women’s periods and the menopause and how this needs to, and can be, taken into account intelligently and productively in education, life and the workplace.
  • The different vision men and women can sometimes have on these issues just because we think and communicate differently.

Stephanie Green – Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur and Businesswoman, Stephanie Green is passionate about building lasting gender equality. At 21 she became the country’s youngest councillor in her home town of Taunton. By 25 she was Circulation Director at an international publishing house. Following her love of graphic design she opened her own successful studio seven years ago. In 2016 she founded Dauntless Daughters to create bold, diverse illustrations, stories, games, goods and services that empower girls and young women. For children seeing is believing so it is critical to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) success to provide diverse learning resources, story books and images staring female and minority characters.

You can find Stephanie on the web:

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