Scott Robinson: Corporate Wellness - Performing Well and Managing Pressure

My guest today is Scott Robinson of Deutsche Bank and YogiBanker! We are going to be talking about the challenges of performing well, achieving goals and managing pressure and how corporate wellness programs can help with this.

We will be discussing:

  • The realities of working in high pressure, high stress sectors like investment banking. 
  • How we can better manage these types of working environments and what we can do to manage better – i.e. less stress, more positive, relaxed lifestyle.
  • The origin of YogiBanker and the reaction of finance professionals to this type of initiative.
  • The support and involvement of corporate in the creation of wellness programs and the benefits they offer.
  • Creating holistic success (and not just material or professional success) as our vision of a better future and happier life.

Guest bio:

Scott Robinson is a finance professional, qualified mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher, Corporate Wellbeing Advocate, and specialises in offering yoga & mediation services to finance professionals under the brand of ‘Yogibanker’.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Scott’s background is in the financial sector in the City of London and helps to runs the employee-led mindfulness and yoga sessions at Deutsche Bank in the UK, one of the largest financial groups in the world. Scott also teaches yoga at Ten Health & Fitness, one of London’s leading boutique health and fitness providers.

One of Scott’s proudest achievements has been running Yoga for Beginners courses at Deutsche Bank, bringing yoga to many who had no prior experience of the practice, and seeing their lives transformed through yoga.

Scott’s yoga practice is based on a style of dynamic vinyasa flow, whilst at the same time emphasising steadiness and good space in each yoga class. At the other end of the spectrum, Scott also offers classes in yin yoga, providing students the opportunity to find a different, more quiet side to their yoga practice.

With his mindfulness meditation practice, Scott brings a calm-abiding approach to each session, allowing students to experience stillness through mindfulness of breathing.

Your skills, your goals, your success!
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