Alice Beveridge: Developing Holistic Leaders

Alice Beveridge of Tree of Knowledge is my guest today. We are talking about developing holistic leaders, and particularly about positive psychology and how this can be applied practically. Also about approaches to build resilience and signature strengths; and what action we can take for personal motivation and improved mindset to enjoy a better environment around us in the workplace.

We also explore how the corporate world has different visions on wellbeing and how to implement this.

Alice Beveridge:

  • ‘Hilarious and Engaging’
  • ‘Simply Fantastic’
  • ‘She has a contagious Energy’

Alice is a truly unique speaker.

Psychologist, teacher, director and keeper of chickens she brings a wealth of knowledge, personal experience and energy to everything she delivers. Alice is an expert in all things leadership, wellbeing and Mindset. As a positive psychologist she challenges the way people sees themselves. She has a true passion for helping people realise that they are in control of their lives and by introducing people to a range of positive psychology theories and interventions, through fun and laughter, Alice helps them ignite their spark.

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