Nicolas Taisne: Corporate Wellbeing and Motivation

We will be talking about Corporate Wellbeing and Motivation as effected by ‘practical’ philosophy on meaning of life. A lot of what we hear about the philosophy of the meaning of life is ideology and theory but which is more difficult to be really down to earth practical!

Nicolas will be talking about his extensive experience of both public and private sector and the views commonly found on productivity, motivation as well as on wellbeing and quality of life.

Including some ideas on what employees can do to positively change their vision to more holistic goals that take in every aspect of their life as part of their vision of success and not just focus on professional targets.

Guest Bio – Nicolas Taisne:

Nicolas says that “A manager should act as a sports coach and sparring partner: always positive, set ambitious goals, committed, human and resilient”

Nicolas has an extensive 23 years of experience in sales and team management in complex environments in the IT sector for private and public clients as Public sector director and VP in IT Consulting and Software Cie.

In a sector that is constantly evolving and facing a major manpower shortage, Nicolas develops, experiments and researches the best management methods to attract, motivate and retain talents.

Your skills, your goals, your success!
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