Jutta Jerlich: Development as Motivation and Inspiration

Jutta Jerlich is my guest today on Inspired Women talking to us about development as motivation and inspiration. Jutta works mainly in tech and engineering so we will also be covering the following:

  • Developments in the fields of tech and engineering and whether this has been positive or negative.
  • The main challenges for young engineers when first starting out.
  • If there are additional challenges for women in this field.
  • The art of collaboration and co-creation and how it can inspire creative confidence and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • The vision of holistic success and the impact it has now.

A very interesting interview!

Please excuse the slightly temperamental recording – Zoom was in a time warp so there are a few delays between questions and answers 😉

Guest bio:

Jutta Jerlich – Educator with an e-Learning DNA, teaching & learning expert and innovation consultant with 25 years living and working in 14 cities across 7 countries in 3 continents at the intersection of academia, business and non-profit organizations.

Jutta has always been passionate about bringing things to life, she is an expert in creating spaces where creativity flows and people feel safe to allow new ways of thinking. Her students, partners and clients love her creativity and the unconventional ways she approaches challenges. It is her superpower to transform failure into learning because she believes that there is no success or failure but there are answers to questions or results from experiments. She is eager to share how this can also work for you bringing your ideas to life – because your ideas first need that fertile ground in you.

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