JoanMichelson - Climate, Energy and Corporate Responsibility

We are launching Season 2 of Inspired Women with the wonderful Joan Michelson, such a dynamic presence in the world of climate, energy and women’s leadership and equality. Not only does she throw the light on these issues on her podcast Electric Ladies but also writing for Forbes, Huffington Post and various other media as well as being an international speaker at important events…

Joan will be telling us about the current state of affairs, development and change in these sectors over the last few years and what we can do to support progress and change in these areas. Also we will talk about the COP26 coming up in Glasgow.

Joan Bryna Michelson, MBA is Host of the acclaimed podcast Electric Ladies (formerly Green Connections Radio), where she interviews remarkable women leaders and innovators in energy, climate and sustainability across all industries from batteries to fashion, including about careers. She is a journalist who writes for Forbes and selected other media on these issues, a coach, and frequent public speaker. She previously spent many years as a communications and marketing leader with Fortune 100 companies, including Chrysler, American Express and Deloitte.

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