Smile Yoga

Pyjama Yoga

Pyjama Yoga Best way to start the day – roll out of bed and yoga! And, with the cat to help 😉 Check out this

Pyjama Yoga

Pyjama Yoga Straight out of bed and yoga… What a great start to the day! Check out this Great Program Don’t miss

C’est quoi la pleine conscience

C’est Quoi La Pleine Conscience Une courte vidéo pour vous initier à la pleine conscience. Qu’est-ce que c’est, comment vous pouvez le faire, les avantages

Silver Yoga

Silver Yoga Morning, hope you are having a good morning so far… I think we are going to do some twists this morning to strengthen,

Smile Yoga

Smile Yoga Hi there, how are you? This morning we are going to try some new poses which include twists, balances, core as well as

Breathing with Anna – Ujjayi

Ujjayi Some breathing techniques to help bring calm and focus to your day. Ideal for the office, particularly if you have a difficult project to

Check out this Great Program
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