Chair Yoga

An adapted way of doing yoga so supported balance and no getting on the ground – some of you might prefer this occasionally 😀 It is still good for stretching, releasing tension, energising and relaxing!

Remember make sure you check with your Doctor first before you do any kind of exercise if you have any kind of problems, illnesses or injuries.

Breathing with Anna – Ujjayi

Ujjayi Some breathing techniques to help bring calm and focus to your day. Ideal for the office, particularly if you have a difficult project to work on, or just before

Smile Yoga

Smile Yoga Hi there, how are you? This morning we are going to try some new poses which include twists, balances, core as well as upper and lower body –

Silver Yoga

Silver Yoga Morning, how are you? Looking forward to the weekend? Today I want to work on a few slightly different poses just to get a little bit more out

Coffee Break Relaxation

Coffee Break Relaxation As we are all working hard, stressed and under pressure, I am thinking of doing these regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays mid-morning as a ‘coffee break relaxation’…

Silver Yoga

Silver Yoga Morning all, hope you had a nice weekend. Today is wobble day (lol, my version of wannabe beautiful balances). I am going to try some new ones too

Silver Yoga

Silver Yoga Good morning, welcome to today’s Silver Yoga. Lower body and core today as well as upper body. Posture, strength, flexibility and posture again! Lol, you know me and

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